Ep #7: How to Achieve Incredible Success in One Year

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Many of my clients tell me that they don’t have enough time to build their business because their time is dedicated to their family or other things they have going on in their lives. I’d like to play devil’s advocate and say that this is simply and excuse.

We all have the same amount of time in a day, a month, a year, and yet some people achieve so much more in their businesses while living a well-balanced life than others.

Why is that?


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Ep #6: Turning Negative Emotion into Money

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This week, I’m following one of my clients’ suggestions to do an impromptu episode where I pull back the curtain on a week in the “fabulous” life of a multiple six-figure entrepreneur. I share my exceptionally catastrophic experience with getting this episode recorded and how it led to today’s episode topic – turning negative emotion into money.

In this episode of The Diva Business School Podcast, I want to talk to you about why our negative emotions don’t have to be something that prevents us from achieving our success and how they can actually be the thing that propels us toward it.


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Ep #5: Why You Don’t Need to Be “More” to Succeed in Your Business

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Have you ever noticed yourself thinking, “Once I get to a certain number of email subscribers, Facebook followers, or certain amount of social media engagement, then I’ll be able to do well in my business”? Or have you ever thought, “Once I go through this next course and learn all there is to know about a specific topic, then I’ll know what to do and be successful” or “Once I become better at what I do, then I’ll be able to get the clients I want”?

If you have, you’re not alone and this episode is for you!


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Ep #4: What it Means to Be a Diva and the Power of Self-Belief

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Welcome back to episode 4 of the Diva Business School Podcast!

On this session, I am excited to talk to you about what it means to be a Diva and begin a conversation about mastering your relationship with yourself.

There are several key components that you need to address in order to master your relationship with yourself – self-belief, self-love, integrity, and self-worth. We will cover each topic in detail throughout this show.

Today, we delve into the first component of getting a handle on your relationship with yourself – self-belief. I explain why having an unshakable faith in yourself is so difficult for many of us and why it is the key ingredient in being a successful entrepreneur and making your first $100k.


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Ep #3: Your Most Important Business Resource Part 2: Your Mind

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There’s so much uncertainty that comes with building your business. You’re constantly growing, evolving, putting yourself “out there,” and facing rejection. In this constant state of uncertainty in entrepreneurship, the only thing that you REALLY have control over is your mind.

On the third session of The Diva Business School Podcast, we continue our conversation about the most important business resource that you have available to you: your mind. We get into how our minds play a huge part in our decision-making, moving our business forward, and creating a life of our dreams.


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Ep #2: Your Most Important Business Resource Part 1: Your Intuition

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Today, I want to talk to you about a resource that helped me generate 6 figures in my first year of business and that can help you grow YOUR business, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or already making multiple 6 or even 7 figures.

On this episode of the Diva Business School Podcast, we’re talking about your intuition and how being in-tune with your “Internal Body Compass” can help you achieve incredible success.

Tune in to hear my personal stories of how listening to my own intuition about business decisions led me to making 6 figures in my first year of business. I also explain how you can distinguish between your true intuition and your mind trying to take an easy way out of feeling uncomfortable.


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Ep #1: Welcome to the Podcast and the Power of Authenticity

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Welcome to the very first episode of the Diva Business School Podcast, your guide to creating a six-figure business through congruent branding, authentic messaging, and the eradication of all fear-based, cold-call marketing.

I am your host, business and life coach Stacey Smith; I teach women entrepreneurs just like you how to become a powerful relationship builder to create the missing success element from most businesses – a tight-knit tribe.

Join me on this inaugural episode as I talk about one of the most important things you can do to build a successful business and a huge following of raving fans and followers.


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You’ve been waiting, and you’ve been asking, and it’s finally HERE!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL PODCAST! It’s been a long time in the making and I’m psyched to finally share it with all of you. It’s my heart and soul. All of my business magic. My energetic juju wrapped up into one of MY favorite formats to learn.

I fell in love with life coaching through The Life Coach School Podcast and I used The School Of Greatness Podcast as my tribe until I could build one in real life. This launch means everything to me!

To celebrate the launch, I’ll be giving away designer Kate Spade purse in one of her brand new FALL colors to one lucky listener! But more about that in a minute…

Every Wednesday, we’ll take a deep dive into a topic to help you become a powerful relationship builder to create the missing success element from most businesses – a tight-knit tribe. I’ll explain how to position yourself as the leader to follow, why most women are unsuccessful at leading other women, and the mindset needed to really IMPACT others and create major waves of growth and success in your business.

I have the first 3 exciting and value-packed episodes for you to kick off the show:

Subscribing in iTunes

To subscribe in iTunes, visit the DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL PODCAST page and click on the blue “View in iTunes” button.

This will launch iTunes on your computer and bring up the podcast. (If it doesn’t, open iTunes, click on “Store” and search for “DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL PODCAST” and click on it)

Click on the “Subscribe” button and you’re all set!

Review the Podcast and Enter to Win a Designer Kate Spade Purse

As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be giving away designer Kate Spade purse to one lucky listener who reviews the podcast in iTunes during the first few weeks.

How to Win:  Once you’ve listened to an episode or two, click on the “Ratings and Reviews” link on the DIVA BUSINESS SCHOOL PODCAST page in iTunes to leave a review.

Any review qualifies you to win: I want you to be honest and really tell me what you think and how I can I help you better.  Reviews must be submitted by December 9th at 11:59pm EST to be eligible to win.

Unfortunately, iTunes doesn’t release contact information for reviewers so please email me at stacey@staceysmithcoaching.com with the title of your review for your official entry.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to subscribe in iTunes now.  Thanks for listening!

**You can also check out the show on Stitcher or subscribe to it via RSS.


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What Matters Most

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Sometimes I get really stuck in my head. I get full of fear.

There’s one sentence that rolls through my mind often…that I have to constantly redirect.

“I’m not doing enough”. 

I sat here tonight, on my flight home from Vegas, outlining the topics for my Facebook Lives this week. I don’t normally do that, but I have questions to answer, things I WANT to talk about, messages I want to give. I outlined them all and realized I didn’t have “enough” days in the week for things I want to talk about. I started thinking, ONE Facebook Live a day isn’t good enough. I need to do TWO.

Then the panic set in. I need to find time to do TWO. Every day. That’s the solution. The solution to “ENOUGH”.

Then I started thinking…”would it be?”.

OR, would I want to do three the next week?!

This might seem crazy, but this is what we often do to ourselves. We think we need to do this and that. We have to send the emails out. We have to prep this. And finish that. We have to create, create, create.

Sometimes you can focus so much on the future, that you forget the RIGHT NOW. 

Right now, what matters, what’s really important are the people working with me. My clients. Helping them in their journey. Helping them get RESULTS. 

Results, personal touch, the extra mile, THAT is what really KEEPS a business going.

Here’s what I want to offer. If you have clients, business partners, potential clients, followers, ANYONE who you can impact, don’t forget, THEY are what matter. No matter how much your BRAIN tries to tell you DOING all the THINGS matters. It doesn’t. I built my entire business without all the STUFF.

So if you get overwhelmed feeling like you’re behind. Like it’s never enough. Like you just can’t get it all done, take this offering with you….Write everything you need to do on a piece of paper. Then rip it up. Throw it away. And call a client or a business partner (whatever your business is) and love on them. Be there for them. Watch their Facebook Lives. Give all the support. Show them love on their page. Send them a text. Help them with something. Check in. Then, re write the list after you’ve gained perspective.

You can find me over here ripping up my list, and focusing on my clients FIRST this week. 


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How To Live an Inspired Life

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I’m sitting here on this cloudy Paris morning, on my balcony, overlooking the Eiffel Tower, thinking of you. Yes YOU.

I was writing in my Inspired Life Journal. It asked me to write the things I didn’t ever want to lose about myself.

I don’t want to lose this. My LOVE for you. My desire to give you magic in your life. Even if it is in small doses. It’s my gift. To you. Every week. (Well….most weeks!)

I want you to LIVE an inspired life.

The book says, ” Your inspired life takes it’s shape from so many places-your passions and your challenges, your goals and your set backs, your deepest dreams, and/or most profound longings. Most of all your life takes it’s shape from you. And when you dive deep-when you begin to truly observe yourself and the life you live-you have the chance to shape everything your life will become.”

I want you to have the chance to shape everything your life will become. 

So many people tell me they want to change their lives so badly. They want to live they way I live my life. It starts with hiring a coach. Opening your awareness.

There’s a woman inside of you who knows you are worth more. The reason she know’s your are worth more. The reason she dreams up really big dreams, is because she also knows you are capable of more. That you can have it. 

I don’t have all of the answers. Neither does anyone else. YOU do. SHE does. Deep inside of you. I just have learned how to unleash that woman, full of so many amazing desires. Because I have that woman inside of me too. We all do. I call her, the INNER DIVA.

I want to help you, unleash yours. 

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