Diva Business School

"Her life is her journey. It is her art. She makes it, day by day, hour by hour, into something she is proud to call her own. You recognize her, and you recognize her life, because it is your life, too."

Everything you use to build your business is a tool. It enhances who you already are.

What if the only tool you could use to build your business was YOU? Your relationship building skills. Your personality. Your creativity. (And not the personality that’s a show for everyone else. Your REAL one). Would you survive in business?

I often hear entrepreneurs express how frustrated they are; they have the website, they are showing up on social media, they are blogging, sending weekly emails out, they even have podcasts, yet they are being met with what feels like radio silence.

The ones who do come to me making really good money feel there is a disconnect. They know they aren’t playing at their highest level, but they feel stuck in taking that next step. They often ask, “How do I access MORE of me?”

What if the clients you attract and the amount of money you were capable of making was directly correlated with your level of self-worth and the relationship you have with yourself?

If you are excited about the idea of getting yourself out into the world and seen by women incredibly enthusiastic to do business with you in a way that feels authentic and real to you, Diva Business School is waiting for you. To say, “yes”, to yourself. To say, “yes”, to bringing that total badass I know is inside of you out to play!!!

Diva Business School is waiting for you. To say, “yes”, to yourself. To say, “yes”, to bringing that total badass I know is inside of you out to play!!!



“You, beauty!”

This program is designed for women entrepreneurs who feel trapped inside of themselves. Who are dying to get out and express themselves in the world. Who want to have raving fans and endless amounts of people to work with.

“I was there. Right where you are. Wondering how the really successful coaches in my industry did it. Wondering how some women just seem to have an “it girl” personality. How they just have endless amounts of people in love with them. I don’t know about them, but I achieved it through really deeply healing past hurts inside of myself, and growing my relationship with ME. I went from launching a business and having no network, and no website, or any other way for clients to find me, to a six-figure business in a year. I didn’t hit the jackpot on a great sales funnel. I didn’t launch a super popular podcast. I didn’t even blog once a week for a year. I just became me. The real me. The happy, confident, outgoing, playful version of me. I became a magnet for other women. I didn’t (and still don’t) have a large number of people seeing my work. I just create a few really powerful relationships. Even now, I am making multiple six figures in my business with less than 100 people on my email list.”

Whether you’re an introvert, a newbie in business, or a seasoned professional who has a hard time truly connecting to new people, not having the ability to impact and influence others, and build powerful relationships fast, is stalling your business growth. Diva Business School is the ultimate relationship program for the woman who wants to be the ultimate entrepreneur.


“Listen, there are TONS of coaches out there. Great coaches. Choosing your coach is a SOUL thing, chica. If you feel connected to me and my work, trust yourself with me, and trust me with your beautiful dreams, then let’s DO this already!

But if it’s a head thing, I get that too. So let me tell you: I launched my business the hard way. With no online marketing, no fancy tools, and a very small network. I wasn’t an influencer. Every client I signed to get to six figures was a brand new person in my life. You don’t just wake up one morning and become a master networker with influence. It’s not learned in a book either. It comes from MASTERY of the work. And I’ve for sure done that. I can for sure help you do it too.”



We are going to dive into your self belief. We’re going to find your creative flow as a woman, as an entrepreneur, as a unique individual. Your best business inspirations will come from YOU as you step into your power. You no longer need to spend your time trying to learn your way to success.

What does finding your power actually look like?

Finding anything that’s keeping you from it.

We’re going to purge nasty self talk, set boundaries for your time and priorities, and make self care and saying “yes” to yourself a priority. . When you make yourself a priority, and when you feel excited to work your business, a flow of ideas, inspirations, and creativity will follow. After all, how can you expect women to say “yes” to you, if you are always saying no to yourself?

Creative is a feeling. We are going to harness it. I’m talking really diving into your deepest soul expression. NOT creating from a place of what everyone else is doing and how they are doing it. I’ve tried that, sister. It doesn’t work. And it will make you feel like SHIT. Your entire body will reject it.

This part of our work together is all about aligning who you really are with the creative work you want to do in the world. I’m going to walk you through accessing the woman inside of you who has done it all. Who already has the dreams you’ve declared in the world (and maybe even the ones you’re hiding deep down inside of you). If you can dream it, there is a woman inside of you who can achieve it. I call her your INNER DIVA. And I’ve mastered the process of accessing her. But I had to first start with what was keeping her inside. At our core, we all have a fear of what I call, “social death”. In this seven month program, I’m going to teach you what that is, how it is showing up for you in your life, and how to overcome it.


Here is where the work demands a higher level of YOU. This isn’t a course where you just learn. Remember? I said you can stop doing that!

This is a course where you transform. Innovation is a PROCESS of turning your creativity into your work in the world. It requires action. And action requires CONFIDENCE. Confidence that you will succeed, or that you will be OK if you don’t. The being ok part is where we all Fuck it all up. I’m going to teach you how to be OK.

We’re going to get you moving. This program is experiential. It is designed for you to DO the work in a safe place and GET your transformation. The one where you go from hoping one day you make it as an entrepreneur to MAKING IT as an entrepreneur. We are going to get you moving the way serious entrepreneurs move. At the speed of their creative flow. We will dive into a process of adjusting and redirecting in real time everything you do, so that you can grow and make money at the same time. You’re gonna really up-level your game here, momma. It’s going to be HAWT!


What makes someone want to work with you? What attracts your tribe specifically to YOU?
Your style. Your flair. That unique quality that makes you different from everyone else. Authenticity is a hot buzzword right now, but in Diva Business School this is about really dropping into your heart and soul and really learning how to use your body as a compass to direct you to creating a strong personal BRAND.

Your individuality comes out loud and clear when you let go of everything you’ve learned NOT to be, and allow your true personality to shine. There are several blocks that stop us from creating a tribe of raving fans, and we’re going to move through them all.


This is all about you. Who you show up in the world as. The energy you put out. Ever heard the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe?”, this is what it’s all about. Grace is what connects your tribe to you. It isn’t enough to attract clients. You have to keep them.

Here I’m going to teach you one of my biggest secrets to success: I’ve created a multiple six figure business with a very small network simply by grace.

I create such an incredible customer experience, and give so much value, in such an authentic way, that most of my clients are RETURNING clients. Not because they didn’t get results. Because they want to return to work with me. Because I see each client as the powerful woman she is, and because our work enhances her life.

Most of my business early on was also referral business. Y’all, that’s FREE marketing. You don’t need a huge following. You just need massive impact on the lives of others.

But listen, I can teach you all this fancy stuff and at the end of the day, you still have to apply it in your life to get results. Don’t worry. I’m gonna help you with that too. I’ve got your back.

You’re about to inherit a huge tribe of women who also have your back!

“What the girls of Diva Business School are saying….”

“These ladies are the kind of people I surround myself with and these relationships have enriched my life more than words or Facebook posts will ever explain. My journey working with a life coach and weekly meetings with the Diva Business School girls is one of the highlights of my week. My journey looks so different today and I’m thankful I was brave enough to listen to my gut and pursue something way out of my comfort zone 3 years ago. And 4 months ago I said YES with my personal coach to work on ME and how I choose to show up in life. I have had my share of ups and downs but I choose to make the best out of everything and thrust forward. We get one shot…..ONE SHOT….at this beautiful life…..and I want to try and get it right leaving no leaf unturned. When you surround yourself with people who love you for YOU and encourage you to be your best self, you can do ANYTHING!!!!! I mean it….you can literally do ANYTHING you want to do when you belong to a tribe of people who believe in you too! The Lord guides my steps and leads me into relationships that help me grow and as I am being pushed to my limits, these girls celebrate that journey with me every step of the way. I am finding myself again and learning about new passions I didn’t even know existed. Pretty sure my life a year from now will look so different and it’s all because I am willing to work to make it that way everyday.” Melanie Shipps


(I’ve made it simple)

The last class of 2017 starts October 9th and runs through April 30th.

Classes are held on Mondays at 8 PM Eastern.

You will have 26 90-minute mastermind calls with ME.

You also get access to a private Facebook group monitored by me and my C.E.O assistant daily.

The investment can be made as a one-time payment of $3,000 OR in installments totaling $3,500. Weekly and monthly payment plans are available.

Weekly Payment of $125 a week for 28 weeks:

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Monthly Payment of $500 a month for 7 months:

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Full Payment of $3,000:

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