Diva Business School

"Her life is her journey. It is her art. She makes it, day by day, hour by hour, into something she is proud to call her own. You recognize her, and you recognize her life, because it is your life, too."

Are you ready to unleash your inner Diva?

I have a vision of creating the most powerful and influential network of lady bosses on the planet. I imagine women doing business with other women, coming from all walks of life, in every industry, sharing their passion, their purpose, and being supported in their ultimate mission; creating their legacy.

This isn’t a silly little network of barbies that pretend to play business. No; this is a hardcore mastermind tackling real life and real businesses. We are real women with families, careers, responsibilities, and most of all dreams. We have real failures. And real successes.

When you go out in the world to create massive impact, you will know the diva squad has your back.

Diva Business School

Have you ever wondered how other women are doing it?

Here’s your chance to borrow the brains of some of the savviest women in business.

In Diva Business School we share our killer methods, we devour cutting edge business concepts, we put our dreams into reality and our excuses to bed.

The first class of Diva Business School has created more impact than I could have ever imagined.

Friendships have been born, businesses have been launched, joint ventures have ignited, forces have been combines to change the trajectory of everyone involved.

We’re talking massive life force.

Creativity at an all time high.

Negativity at an all time low.

Now it’s time for a new class.

New women. New visions. New power players in the business world.

Whether you’re just starting your business or leading hundreds of people, we all have stronger, more confident, undeniably powerful, completely unstoppable versions of ourselves, waiting to be unleashed.

We all have an inner DIVA.

Are you ready to set her free?

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“What the girls of Diva Business School are saying….”

“These ladies are the kind of people I surround myself with and these relationships have enriched my life more than words or Facebook posts will ever explain. My journey working with a life coach and weekly meetings with the Diva Business School girls is one of the highlights of my week. My journey looks so different today and I’m thankful I was brave enough to listen to my gut and pursue something way out of my comfort zone 3 years ago. And 4 months ago I said YES with my personal coach to work on ME and how I choose to show up in life. I have had my share of ups and downs but I choose to make the best out of everything and thrust forward. We get one shot…..ONE SHOT….at this beautiful life…..and I want to try and get it right leaving no leaf unturned. When you surround yourself with people who love you for YOU and encourage you to be your best self, you can do ANYTHING!!!!! I mean it….you can literally do ANYTHING you want to do when you belong to a tribe of people who believe in you too! The Lord guides my steps and leads me into relationships that help me grow and as I am being pushed to my limits, these girls celebrate that journey with me every step of the way. I am finding myself again and learning about new passions I didn’t even know existed. Pretty sure my life a year from now will look so different and it’s all because I am willing to work to make it that way everyday.” Melanie Shipps


How would you like a powerful group of women entrepreneurs who encourage and add value together?

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