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Cheryl Brass

I am a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant, the CEO of my own premium skincare business, a mother of four, a domestic goddess, a legal assistant (by day), and extremely passionate about living a life that I am completely in love with. I surround myself with the cultivating tribe of magical people; the ones with infectious smiles, who cry genuine tears, laugh boisterously, sing loudly, and transform adversities into silver-linings; the ones who listen with their ears as well as their heart, who wonder, and wander; the ones who embody goals, let their curiosity lead them, who’s sights are visions, and allow their extraordinary visions to become their reality. These are the people I am drawn to and embrace working with.

I’ve thrust myself into one of the most successful and fastest growing teams within this company, consisting of women and men alike who have taken this opportunity and transformed a simple vision of wanting a “new shoe money” fund into a lucrative business enabling life changing events and positively impacting the lives of others through missionary work,  scholarships, adoptions, and humanitarian acts. I am certain that saying “yes” to this opportunity has unfolded a dynamic of monumental ripple effects for me, as well as my ever-growing faction of comrades.

I strive to encourage all women, in that becoming a successful entrepreneur is well within their grasp; especially with a well-branded company such as Rodan + Fields, where the business model is a well-established, solid foundation to build upon. I have found that women with the busiest schedules succeed in this business because we know exactly where to prioritize, while being able to maintain our families, households, careers, education and personal lives.

Since my time at Stacey Smith’s business retreat in Michigan, I have been implementing an abundance of practices that she has coached in both business and personal areas of my life and the growth has been leaps and bounds! Stacey created a retreat comprised of intense coaching sessions sprinkled with lavish comforts, impeccable delights, and exquisite pampering that enabled a group of women to transform their business strategies, elevated confidence, and directed their (our) visions to a level far beyond what we arrived with!

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Caitlin Sirois:
My name is Caitlin Sirois and I am a speech-language pathologist, a wife, a mom, and a Blue status presenter with Younique.  

Younique is a makeup and skincare company, but it is so much more than just makeup.  It’s uplifting, empowering, and inspiring other women.  It’s friendships, financial freedom, leadership, and learning.  I am part of an incredible team of women who consistently build each other up.  I love that this company has provided me with the opportunity to learn from others, to teach and lead, and to practice giving and receiving love.  It’s an incredible sisterhood full of supportive women.  

My biggest takeaway from Stacey Smith’s retreat is that it can be scary and uncomfortable to tackle your fears, but if you make the decision to be brave and push through, you will grow in the process.  I am working daily on exposing my fears and gaining power and light in the process.  I’m also helping other women decide where they want to be, push past the doubt and go for it.  Setting huge goals and going for your dreams can be scary, and the fear of failure can be paralyzing and keep you from even trying.  But trying and failing can be much more fulfilling than not trying at all.  Why?  Because discomfort leads to growth, and having the confidence and bravery to try is empowering and inspiring.  I have been able to apply this to all aspects of my life, because something else that Stacey has taught me through the retreat and Diva Business School, is how you do one thing in life is how you do everything.  

Since my time at Stacey Smith’s business retreat in Michigan, I have been implementing an abundance of practices that she has coached in both business and personal areas of my life and the growth has been leaps and bounds! Stacey created a retreat comprised of intense coaching sessions sprinkled with lavish comforts, impeccable delights, and exquisite pampering that enabled a group of women to transform their business strategies, elevated confidence, and directed their (our) visions to a level far beyond what we arrived with!

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Macie Hale:

Hi! I’m Macie! I was born & raised in Louisville, Kentucky but travel quite frequently. For years I dreamed of owning my own interior decorating business. My passion is helping people create the spaces of their dreams! I believe everyone should absolutely love their space whether it’s their first home, dream home, or temporary home. After working closely with Stacey who encourages playing big in life, LUXE BY MACIE was born! I offer a variety of services in order to help each and every client that comes my way. Whether you’re looking for a personal shopper to guide you, help designing your space from start to finish, color consulting services, or consulting with the use of technology, I can help! I look forward to meeting you & helping you create the spaces of your dreams! 

You can learn more about Triumph Kids at www.GoTriumphKids.com.

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Chrissy Maale:

My name is Chrissy Maale. I am a passionate and driven wife, a mother to twin boys with Autism, a Physical Therapist, a business owner and an entrepreneur. While my family comes first, our journey has simultaneously created my vision and purpose, with my goals for the future intertwined with my passion for family and helping others. We all have fears and challenges, but it’s what you do with those challenges every day that defines us. This is a belief that I have learned during Diva Business School & my retreat with Stacey Smith. It is when you push through those fears and challenges that you see what is truly possible on the other side! As many do, I have a crazy home life full of family, work and all the challenges that wrap around our life with children with special needs, however I have used this to propel my entrepreneurial future. My husband and I are the owners of Triumph Kids and I am an Independent Consultant for the #1 skin care line in the US, Rodan+Fields. As owner of Triumph Kids, a highly successful kids’ sensory gym and therapy center in Palm Beach Gardens, FL I am committed to helping children meet their fullest potential and helping families with the challenges they face every single day.

I have also created a dream business in R+F that has ignited my passion for helping others. I love to help people regain their confidence as they love themselves and their skin, as well as leading my incredible team of consultants to see all that is possible in their own lives as they push past their fears, while realizing their biggest goals and dreams!  I would love to help you gain your confidence with our incredible products or reach for all your goals and dreams through our business.

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Kim Fisher:
I am Kim Fisher. Entreprenuer, Rockstar Mama to 3 Powerhouse Teenagers, Motivational Life-Changer, Dream-Chaser, International Market Developer for Rodan & Fields I am facing the facts about a life changing opportunity that has become a vehicle to build a substantial virtual business to escape the corporate glass ceiling and the grind of the “normal” 8-5. I give the SAHM a sense of individualism and contribution to the family. I give the college student the means to travel aboard for the summer. I give the ER Nurse the opportunity to work 3-12hr shifts instead of 6-12hr shifts. I give the retired Grandma who has 10 grandchildren the leisure to make cross country trips without digging into her retirement fund. I give my best friend every opportunity to rise up and be a rockstar so she can finally vacation with her 5 beautiful children. I build international teams to empower entrepreneurs to live life to the fullest, on their own terms, from anywhere! No suits required. Flip Flops preferred. First thing to do is to believe in yourself! Believe in yourself enough to know that YOU can have a successful business without sitting in a boardroom crunching numbers, without having to take double shifts, without having to miss your kids basketball games. I work with the most amazing individuals on the planet! From all walks of life. No gender requirement. My customers range from babies to grandmas. I offer a customer/team experience that you would only expect from a billion dollar brand! I’m curious to find out which flip flops are your favorite! Email me at to have a conversation to see if this business can fit into your life. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

For more information, I can be reached at www.allisonbutlercoaching.com.


Allison Butler

Hi all! My name is Allison Butler and I am from Louisville, Kentucky! I am a Registered Nurse and Life Coach with a main focus on health and fitness. My mission is to create a different mindset for my clients to ensure they are living the highest version of life that’s possible for them. I help women show up in the world powerfully and fearlessly, taking on whatever comes their way like a BOSS! I coach women who want MORE! Whether wanting more is through life in general or in certain aspects (fitness, job/business, relationships, etc.), I help make your dreams become a reality. As a coach my job is to guide you through your struggles, be the biggest advocate for you and your dream life, and remove you from the stories that do not serve you and is suppressing that powerful woman you have so long envisioned becoming. By opening up your mind to see things in a different light, awareness arises and at that point, life and all of its possibilities become limitless.

Since Stacey Smith’s retreat, A Midnight in Paris, I have launched my life coaching business and a fitness workshop, “Slim IQ”, focusing on the mentality behind a healthier lifestyle. This retreat was eye opening and life changing for me as nothing seems to be more powerful than a group of women standing together to create MORE, all there with the same goal, achieving what once seemed to be the impossible. I connected so deeply with the women there that I felt as if I knew them better than some of my best friends in only a matter of 3 days. We laughed together, cried together, and embraced the newest, highest version of ourselves together.

For all of you women out there wanting more, no matter what category of life it falls into, I am here to help you create just that! Only months ago I was you and I cannot encourage you enough to take a leap and embrace the fall. You never know where you’ll end up! I look forward to helping embrace the new you!


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Amy Lutke:
Hello, Love. I’m a small town girl with big city ideas chasing after my wildest dreams. And I’m just getting started at the age of 41. Which works out well because I happen to agree with Carl Jung when he said, ” Life really does begin at forty. Up until then you are just doing research.” Because of Stacey Smith Coaching, along with attending her retreats, I have unearthed passions within me that I didn’t even know existed. In a very short time, Stacey has guided me to a better version of myself and continues to hold the space for me to rise up. Starting July 2017, I will be going on a quest to learn everything there is to know about men, women and creating magical, romantic relationships. I will also be applying what I learn (and documenting the results) to my dating life with the desire to attract my own true love. My hope is that I can teach by example and lead a movement of stronger, sexier relationships between men and women around the world. Amy Lutke is a blogger and Independent Consultant with Rodan + Fields. 

Email: amy@amylutke.com

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Michelle Phelps:

Born and raised in Indianapolis, I moved to the Windy City 4 years ago to continue my nursing career. I currently work at the children’s hospital in the Cardiac ICU and absolutely love it! The kids are amazing and have taught me so much about life in such a short period of time. I truly believe my purpose in this world is to work with these kiddos to not only nurse them back to health, but for them to leave a thumb print on my heart. To teach me what love and resiliency is all about in this world we live in. No matter who we are, where we come from or where we are going, we are all loved!

I have been part of the Diva Business School for just over a year, a group of women who not only encourage one another in our businesses, but are there in our personal lives too. This group includes some of the most amazing women I have met, constantly rising up to the challenge and supporting each other every single day! I have been with Rodan + Fields for just over a year and am part of an amazing team of women who continue to amaze me everyday in the business and life. I am so honored and blessed that I was chosen to be part of this amazing team and I look forward to all of the great things that lie ahead of me!

Email: gravelynd@gmail.com


Dawn Gravelyn:

Dawn Gravelyn Global Entrepreneur Once a teacher with the weight of the world on her shoulders, Dawn recognized she needed to reprioritize. Through her Rodan and Fields business, she was able to leave her career and create a life she dreamed of having; a balanced life of pouring into her family and doing good in the world. Her life has never been about just herself. Her purpose is for those around her; for God, her husband, her kids, her family, her friends, and those whose lives she is permitted to inspire along the way.
God has blessed her with the ability to instill self worth and confidence in others, not just through the amazing product and the business opportunity, but through the lessons and skills learned throughout her own journey of personal growth. Since the retreat, she has a renewed sense of self confidence to make decisions despite fears that may arise. A great leader is never fearless but rather bold in action. She chooses to be a light in this world, blazing new trails, creating an original story and wants to help others to do the same. She builds her business with her husband by her side and together are looking to empower other women, men and couples to use smart business opportunities to boldly and courageously pursue their dreams!

To find out more information on Jolyn, please visit their website at www.jolynclothing.com .

Courtney can be reached at Courtney.J@jolynclothing.com 

Instagram @jolynmidwest


Courtney Jungnickel:

Courtney Jungnickel is a 28 year old diva from Naperville, Illinois. She is a professional beach volleyball player and has recently accepted a position with Jolyn Swimwear as their Midwest Regional Volleyball Account Manager. Jolyn’s motto is, “For women who inspire us.” They focus on the specific needs for female athletes to create the best competitive swimwear there is. Courtney has been hired on to help grow Jolyn in the beach volleyball community. 

Accepting this position would not have been possible without going on this VIP Retreat. Courtney was able to overcome past events from her childhood that caused her great anger. Through doing this, she was not only able to accept responsibility, but also tap into her feminine, romantic side which will propel her far in her career, as well as her upcoming marriage on September 16, 2017.