Spring 2017

When: June 6-11, 2017
Where: Fennville, Mi (Right outside of Saugatuck)

The First Annual Diva Business School Retreat!

This weekend, for me, was a dream come true. A business school, that launched after a spark of inspiration, and was built purely on intuition, quickly became a huge success and my ultimate passion project. We spent 9 months celebrating each other, holding each other up, and growing with each other. As a coach, I grew in business, as a woman, I grew in LOVE. These women changed my life. They changed the direction of my business. They changed the direction of each other’s lives. Babies were born, businesses were launched, relationships began and ended in these 9 months. Here are the highlights of this beautiful weekend CELEBRATION of the Divas and our cherished Diva Business School. We are so grateful for all of the support and love we have all gotten this past year. Thank you to those of you who were on the journey with us in friendship, family, and business. Know that you are loved and appreciated.





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