The First Annual Diva Business School Retreat!

This weekend, for me, was a dream come true. A business school, that launched after a spark of inspiration, and was built purely on intuition, quickly became a huge success and my ultimate passion project. We spent 9 months celebrating each other, holding each other up, and growing with each other. As a coach, I grew in business, as a woman, I grew in LOVE. These women changed my life. They changed the direction of my business. These women changed my life. They changed the direction of my business. We

are so grateful for all of the support and love we have all gotten this past year. Thank you to those of you who were on the journey with us in friendship, family, and business. Know that you are loved and appreciated. They changed the direction of each other’s lives. Babies were born, businesses were launched, relationships began and ended in these 9 months. Here are the highlights of this beautiful weekend CELEBRATION of the Divas and our cherished Diva Business School.

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains

This weekend for me, represented RESILIENCE. We almost didn’t get to take this picture. Not this exact one anyways. A week before our weekend getaway, fires erupted in the Smokies, damaging much of Gatlinburg and surrounding areas. Nearby towns like Pigeon Forge, where we were set to travel, were evacuated. Entire resorts, restaurants, and homes gone. The girls were anxious. We’d been waiting months for our gathering. I began searching for backup locations, just in case. But

then, in a stroke of fate, the rain came, the fires went out, the smoke cleared, and they reopened Pigeon Forge to the public JUST in time for our retreat. Gatlinburg was still closed when we arrived, but only the feeling of hope floated in the air. Resilience is a bi-product of commitment and belief. We made it. There was no way we were missing such a special weekend with such amazing women. We came together, from all across the country, to celebrate and grow, no matter the circumstances, in the way Divas do!

Nostalgia at its finest

When I decided to hold a Christmas retreat, I imagined Christmas morning as a kid. I wanted deep reds and greens, hot chocolate, stockings, and pajamas. We had it all. Watching the girls rip open gifts, at our secret Santa exchange, finding ornaments on the trees with each of their names, and of course some egg nog moonshine

in true Tennessee spirit, brought the Christmas season to life. The fires roared in the cabin and the champagne glasses clinked. The energy was through the roof! We stayed up until the wee hours of the night and woke early with excitement for the day’s activities. This retreat had it all, including Bears on the front porch devouring our leftovers!

A Red Carpet Rudolph Affair

Opening night of the retreat began with our VIP guests arriving for a red carpet champagne experience. A photographer captured their first hugs with each other. I got to meet some of the girls I’d been coaching on screen for months for the first time. I got to squeeze them tight and hold them captive in my big coach hugs! Between the photo booth, plentiful hors d’oeuvres, and endless champagne,

laughter and squeals were abundant throughout the house. My dreams came true that night. To have my girls, all together, loving and laughing, filling my heart with unforgettable memories. We started the night in cocktail dresses and ended in Christmas jammies by the fire. When you constantly reach beyond your comfort zone, magic truly happens. This night was nothing short of MAGICAL.

Here’s where the hard work begins...

Day 2 was all about transformation. Working with myself and my business coach, Melanie Layer, the girls walked out of their comfort zones and into their truest selves, fears and insecurities and all. There was no holding back. We played all out. We launched a business that day from this very room, we revealed secrets to each other that we have never told single soul, we left our fears behind and welcomed greatness. After a day of transformational

workshops, we concluded with an elegant, end of year, celebration dinner. Each diva took a turn celebrating herself and her year. I acknowledged each woman for showing up in 2016. I’d seen the changes over the last 9 months and we honored each and every one. We celebrated a birthday that night with the most incredible gingerbread cake I’ve ever had, made by one of our very own divas! It was the perfect ending to the perfect retreat. I was left wanting so much more.

Until Next Time

The joy of bringing my DIVAS together for a lavish Christmas celebration will always be in my heart and soul. The power we packed into that beautiful Smoky Mountain cabin was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I cannot wait to bring these ladies together again this Spring and again this Winter. I am thrilled for them to meet the women

from the newest classes of Diva Business School. The second and third generations of Divas have blown me away and already made such an impact on my life. I am forever grateful for this retreat, this community. this unbelievable TRIBE of beauties. Inside and out, these women are the most stunning souls on the planet. Until we meet again ladies.


Diva Business School, launched in April of 2016, now has over 40 amazing women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs enrolled, and is growing every day. Each woman comes with her own unique story, her own diverse background, to set the stage for creating the life of her dreams. Being a DIVA means showing up powerful and loving to every situation in life. It signifies inner strength and confidence and above all, respect and authenticity.

I have always said, this group is not about fluff and surface level friendship. The bonds we create are deep and meaningful. Mastering the art of business and networking requires an evolution of the mind, and a transformation of the soul. You will find that here. We are all waiting for you, ready to embrace the real you and support you every step of the way. And did I mention we like to CELEBRATE? We do. A LOT!

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