VIP Experience

What are you willing to do to get change NOW?

What if, instead of spending YEARS learning through trial and error you could unlock the doors to your ultimate potential in just a few DAYS?

The world’s leading wealth experts agree, learning by experience is one of the most expensive ways to learn anything. You never know how much it is costing you in unrealized potential.

It could be thousands, it could be hundreds of thousands, even MILLIONS just in a year, let alone a lifetime.

You could spend years working the “experience” method. But think about it. Where did that get your parents? Your grandparents?

Who do you actually KNOW that has made quantum leaps of success?

For me, I didn’t know anyone who had done it. NOBODY.

In fact, everyone around me was doing quite the opposite. Trying. Failing. Trying again. Having a bit of success. Failing some more. And eventually quitting. It seemed to me that “trial and error” didn’t get anyone very far.

Imagine if you saved all those years of hard work and frustration and became exactly who you were meant to be NOW?

Most often we wait until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the discomfort of change.

Change however, doesn’t have to be unpleasant. It can be incredibly FABULOUS.

Whether it’s a major launch for a business, a major change in life, or a desire to be ahead of the curve, the VIP experience gives you a fast pass to the results you want.

It is a TOTAL IMMERSION experience.

I take you out of your life and into a world of infinite possibility. We create such a vivid experience of your highest potential self, that you really FEEL it in your body.  You capture that ultimate vision in your mind and step into it.

If you are really ready to take your life to new heights the VIP EXPERIENCE is waiting for you.


As I unpack from this weekend, and pull out little treasures from our adventures around Louisville, I am in awe that this even occurred.

It still doesn’t feel like real life.

But it was very real.

We covered some real ass shit. We laughed, I had moments near tears, we posed in pretty clothes, we sweated, we ate… and ate some more, we covered a lot of business and honed my vision, got real and confronted some fears, we relaxed, we drank, we masterminded, and we lived V.I.P.!

I cannot express the magnitude to which this weekend has meant to me. To know I am worthy of greatness, to recognize what it means to stand in my power as a woman, and to be coached, supported, and merely in the presence of someone who fully believes in me and my vision means more than words will ever explain.

You have a gift, and you are a gift, Stacey.

Your ability to meet someone where they are, but also see so clearly where they want to be, and where they can be is remarkable. Then to be able to pull people towards their unseen potential through your coaching; revealing parts of themselves they didn’t even know existed, and then coaching on how to use these newfound gifts… This is nothing short of a gift, and the purest representation of living fully your purpose in this world.

Thank you for all you do, all you are, and all give.

Love always,



My VIP weekend was one I could not have imagined. I set my intentions to be open, honest, and trusting, and vulnerable. I had no idea what would await me.

Within ten minutes of arriving at the hotel, Stacey and I were sitting in a lounge by ourselves. In those ten minutes, I had one of the MOST life altering challenges of my life. From that moment on, I viewed myself and the world around me differently. I was vulnerable like I had not been since an infant. I was calm and serene in a way I’d never felt as an adult. I was confident with perspective like never before.

From that moment, I experienced what it felt like to be loved, important, and taken care of. I was not allowed to be in charge. I was only assigned to receiving. Something my past self did not do well – at all.

I learned how to receive gracefully and authentically. I was allowed to express who I was as a person in this world. I was given time to rest, relax, indulge, and be completely pampered. This opened me to coaching, to self-reflection, and to change.

I am forever changed by this experience and am thankful to have been the very first Stacey Smith VIP. ?