Work With Me

What if you could make every current and potential client feel like the most important person in the world?


What result do you think that would produce in growing your business?

Every action a person takes is based on how they FEEL. Whether or not they decide to grab coffee with you, try your product, become a preferred customer, join your team, or refer people to you, it’s all based on how they FEEL about YOU. YOU are the experience NOT your product. Your energy, your intention, your personality and attentiveness, and your ability to make someone feel special will be directly correlated to the amount of money you make.

The number one reason entrepreneurs fail to close potential clients?

They offer the opportunity before a true connection has been established. PERIOD.

How do you establish that true connection and make potential clients and business partners WANT to work with you before you’ve tried to “SELL” anything?

You learn to control the energy in the room! You show up as the person embodying the change (result) you are offering. People will follow you when they FEEL your energy and intention. NOT when they hear your opportunity.

Once a week we work together to align you with the right intention and energy to show up as THAT person.

I don’t give you another “how to”. I embody my teachings with you as my client and you FEEL first hand exactly how you want to make others feel. I learned from my coach how to show up in the world and get massive results by the way she showed up for me. Until you experience what it feels like first hand there are no amount of books or courses you can take that will teach you how to actually be the person controlling the energy in the room. You have to experience it before you can embody it.

If you want to be the person that stands out in the room, learn from someone who stands out in a room.

The second reason entrepreneurs fail to close potential clients?

FEAR. There are ONLY two intentions a person can embody. FEAR or LOVE.

We will work together to navigate all your fear and let your WHY really show through. Unless you are out of integrity, every entrepreneur selling anything has a WHY. A reason they want to pass along their message, product, or opportunity on to others.

Don’t let your WHY get lost in fear.

I’ve seen people with the most passionate, life changing message fail to help others simply by giving in to the fear. Let’s not let this happen to you.

Through working together we are going to develop your personal story, your “onstage” persona, and teach you how to be the most powerful person in the room. You will get very comfortable working THROUGH fear, not around it. And when you control the energy, you control the outcome. You get the powerful results you WANT in your business!

Are you ready to really step into your light?